Technology Used

The resources site uses both an Internet portion and the DecisionCrafter Software. To receive full benefit of the New Product Development process you will need a computer system with the following minimum requirements.

Hardware and Software

Internet Checklists and Information Links

For each stage of the New Product Development Process the Internet portion provides:

  1. an overview of that stage
  2. a set of checklist questions to help you identify the key success factors that must be addressed.
  3. A list of Internet links and other references that may be used to gather information about these factors and to help you to develop strategies to deal with each of the key success factors.

The questions and text boxes that make up the checklists are designed only to help you learn the concepts. You will have the ability to print the information in these forms on your printer, or save them to a file on your computer so that you can retrieve them at a later date.

DecisionCrafter New product Development Software

The DecisionCraftertm: New Product Development software for is specifically designed to work with this resource site and deals with each New Product Development stage. After developing a strategy to address a specific issue you will input your data into the analysis software. The DecisionCrafter will instantly show you the effects of each of your decisions on the economic and financial aspects of your project.

A set of Internet tutorials is provided in this resource site to help you enter your data into the appropriate sections of the DecisionCrafter software. Click the DC icon above and follow the links to the DecisionCrafter tutorials.

The DecisionCrafter software contains a series of links back to the Internet course site. These links are "content sensitive", that is, a specific link in the software will take you directly to that part of the course which deals specifically with that issue.

To learn more about the DecisionCrafter: New Product Development software click on the DC icon at the top of this page.